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BOSS Guitar Pedal Overview: 500 Series

BOSS has been a force in the music world for almost 50 years. They offer top-notch audio gear and innovative tone-shapers. With this, musicians have come to rely on BOSS for their stage needs. Now, the company that started it all is back with a new lineup of products. The all-new BOSS guitar pedal series features an easy setup, one-knob functionality, and a big tone at a minimal cost.

Here, BOSS presents a new generation of sophisticated yet simple guitar pedals. While featuring premium quality and versatility, they keep BOSS' simple and intuitive controls.

a guitarist adjusting his BOSS 500 series guitar pedal

What is BOSS 500 Series?

Have you ever tried to dial in sounds for a song on your pedal board with the varied array of pedals and stomp switches at your feet? Sometimes it can be a challenge.

Now BOSS has a solution: The new BOSS 500 series. BOSS designed these effects to make tones and sounds within each genre of music easier to dial in.

BOSS 500 Series is an expanding series of compact, high-quality, and versatile guitar effects pedals. There's no such thing as one right pedal for everyone. Sometimes you need a combination of two or more pedals to create the sound you're looking for. And while one BOSS pedal could give you what you want out of a single effect, why settle for one? All new, the BOSS 500 Series lets you create those combinations - and more - in a single compact pedal.

Why Should You Have BOSS 500 Series

Every serious musician knows that having the right stompbox is essential. It helps you to play your best. BOSS built their hands-on 500 series with these musicians in mind. So, you can focus on performing and not fiddling with pedals.


Gone are the days of accidentally adjusting the wrong knob on your effects pedals. The BOSS 500-Series Pedals have a new layout. It includes large metal stomp switches and a bright LCD display. You can even store tones in the effects pedal with BOSS Tone Studio. Plus, get access to thousands more tones made by top players in the BOSS Tone Central community.

The BOSS 500 series is an open platform that supports VST and AU plug-ins. Giving you the ultimate creative freedom. There is something for everyone. With an extensive range of effects to choose from, many of which are available as free downloads. The intuitive top-level knob interface makes it easy to select and tweak your effects. It ensures that you'll have complete control over your performance.

Display and Control

Have you ever played with a high-quality amplifier and been turned off by the fact that there's a lot going on in front of you? The BOSS 500 series has a solution to this. It features large display screens which makes it easy to see what effects you are crafting.

When it comes to the world of mixing, tone shaping is everything. Presets take you only so far. When it comes to creating a signature sound for your mixes, you have to be able to tweak the knobs. Then see what you're doing. This opens up a new world of options (a lot of which are not available in presets). But, also requires a new way of thinking about mixing. It's powerful but makes you think more about 'mixing parts' rather than individual tracks. The BOSS 500 series excels at pushing these parameters into the forefront.


With the BOSS 500 series, you can manipulate your sound. Also, add expression to your performance like never before. You can use the assignable expression pedal to control many parameters. Such as Reverb Depth, Delay Feedback Level, or other parameters that have been created in the COSM sound library for the selected effect.

The reason you should have BOSS's 500 series is that it functions like no other. With its assignable foot controller, MIDI capability, and more, the 500-series is a true powerhouse of sound and value.


The BOSS 500 series is an amazing floorboard pedal that has been in the market for quite a long period of time. And it is still regarded as one of the best practice multi-pedals. With its wide range of features, there is no doubt why many musicians prefer to have this product.

It combines inspiring digital effects, creative tools, and smooth and intuitive operation. Also, a rugged construction provides the right level of performance and flexibility for any application.

BOSS 500 Series Stompboxes

Top BOSS 500 Series Stompboxes: DD-500 Digital Delay

product image of DD-500

Being underestimated isn't something BOSS is known for. They're a legendary guitar effects pedal manufacturer. They've been around for more than 30 years. They create industry-leading stompboxes. With innovating new technologies, including FM modulation and all-analog signal processing (A-D/D-A).

The DD-500 is a powerful digital delay that features six different delay types. It includes the tape and bucket-brigade delays. It also includes controls for the feedback knob (amount of echoing in the delay). The decay knob (length of delay decay at higher settings). Lastly, a stereo panning control.

What’s New With BOSS DD-500 Digital Delay?

BOSS's DD-500 is one of the most popular delay pedals of all time. It’s used by players and is a favorite for guitarists and bassists alike. Things have been improved with the Version 2 software update, but what are some new features you should know about?

The DD-500 digital delay effect is a powerful tool for creative musicians and producers. Whether for recording and live performance or for creative self-editing. You'll find significant new functionality and enhancements to the DD-500 's powerful digital delay. Including updated modes, effects, operation parameters, and more. Version 2 offers the most flexibility yet, with higher and increased quality. This new version enhanced performance and flexible routing options.

Now, you can expand the capabilities of your DD-500 to suit your individual performance needs. Make your DD-500 even more powerful with five new effect types. Including studio-quality modulated delay and looper (tape echo) styles. Using the exclusive V2 software allows you to store and recall settings. Expect an incredibly wide range of one-of-a-kind sounds. You'll also be able to take full advantage of a more intuitive control layout. Plus, gain access to more routing possibilities plus new modulation effects.

BOSS 500 Series Stompboxes: Conclusion

BOSS has been a well-known and respected manufacturer of guitar effects for decades. But when the company launched its 500 series effects pedals back in 2015, their popularity reached new heights.

For many guitarists, the world of creative effects processing began with stompboxes. The BOSS 500 series is a new take on the classic 500-series stompbox design. They bring modern technology and cutting-edge sound quality to a versatile pedalboard-friendly format. Each BOSS guitar pedal in this series delivers all the power, tone, and features that discerning musicians demand.

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