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BOSS Guitar Pedals: 500 Series

BOSS Guitar Pedals: 500 Series

BOSS has been a force in the music world for almost 50 years. They offer top-notch audio gear and innovative tone-shapers. With this, musicians have come to rely on BOSS for their stage needs. 

Now, the company that started it all is back with a new lineup of products. Trusted by musicians on stage, BOSS introduces the new 500 Series. It embodies simplicity, one-knob functionality, and powerful tones at an affordable price

Here, BOSS presents a new generation of sophisticated yet simple guitar pedals. It combines premium quality with the signature simplicity and intuitiveness that define the brand.


What is the BOSS Guitar Pedals 500 Series?

Ever struggled to fine-tune tones on a crowded pedalboard? BOSS addresses this challenge with the revolutionary BOSS guitar pedals 500 Series. These pedals simplify crafting genre-specific tones, ensuring an effortless dial-in process. The 500 Series is a growing family of high-quality, and versatile effects pedals. Recognizing no one-size-fits-all solution, BOSS empowers musicians to blend many pedals seamlessly. 

While one pedal may offer a single effect, the 500 Series enables users to create unique combinations.  There's no such thing as one right pedal for everyone. Sometimes you need a combination of two or more pedals to create the sound you're looking for. And while one BOSS pedal could give you what you want from a single effect, why settle for one? All new, the BOSS 500 series lets you create those combinations - and more - in a single compact pedal.

Embrace the convenience and sonic possibilities of BOSS's innovative 500 Series pedals.

Why Should You Have BOSS Guitar Pedals 500 Series?

For any dedicated musician, the significance of the right guitar pedal is paramount. It ensures optimal performance and allows you to focus on playing your best. 

Understanding the needs of musicians, BOSS has crafted the hands-on 500 series. It prioritizes practicality in its design. With these pedals, your performance takes center stage, free from unnecessary pedal adjustments. 

Elevate your musical experience with the precision and reliability of BOSS's 500 Series.


No longer worry about accidental knob adjustments. The BOSS guitar pedals 500 series features a redesigned layout. The pedals incorporate large metal stomp switches and a bright LCD. It offers an easy-to-use experience. 

Thanks to BOSS Tone Studio, you can store tones in the pedal. Also, you can access thousands more created by renowned players on BOSS Tone Central. The 500 series serves as an open platform supporting VST and AU plug-ins. Granting unparalleled creative freedom. It has an extensive range of effects available as free downloads. There's something for everyone. 

The top-level knob interface is intuitive, simplifying the selection. Making tweaking effects easier for complete performance control.

Display and Control

Ever felt overwhelmed by a crowded amplifier interface? BOSS Guitar Pedals 500 series solves this with large displays, ensuring clarity in crafting effects. 

In the realm of mixing, tone shaping is paramount; presets offer a start. When it comes to creating a signature sound for your mixes, you have to be able to tweak the knobs. The series introduces a new dimension of options. Those that are often absent in presets, challenge a reevaluation of mixing methods. It's potent, emphasizing 'mixing parts' over individual tracks. 

The 500 series excels in pushing boundaries to the forefront of musical innovation.


The BOSS guitar pedals 500 series is your gateway to sound manipulation and expressive performances. Use the assignable expression pedal to command various parameters. Such as the Reverb Depth and Delay Feedback Level. 

This series stands out as a powerhouse with its unique features. It includes an assignable foot controller and MIDI capability. In the realm of musical innovation, BOSS's 500 series functions like no other. Offering unparalleled sound control and exceptional value.


The BOSS 500 series, has a longstanding presence in the market. It remains a top choice for many musicians. Musicians continue to favor its enduring popularity due to its array of features. This makes it a stellar practice multi-pedal. 

It offers inspiring digital effects, creative tools, and easy-to-use operations. The 500 series stands out as a versatile and reliable floorboard pedal. Its rugged construction ensures durability, providing optimal performance. Also, flexibility for various musical applications. 

Whether you're seeking innovative effects or seamless functionality. The BOSS guitar pedals 500 series is a remarkable choice that has stood the test of time in the world of multi-pedals.

BOSS Guitar Pedals: 500 Series

Top BOSS Guitar Pedals 500 Series: DD-500 Digital Delay

The BOSS DD-500 Digital Delay is a marvel in the 500 Series. It offers unparalleled sound possibilities. It's a true sound-creation toolbox. It consists of 12 unique delay modes and top-notch audio quality. The DD-500 is not a delay pedal; it's a gateway to sonic exploration.

  • Version 2 software enhances control parameters and routing options.
  • New effect types expand the existing delay algorithms.
  • Features include MIDI controls, new modulation types, and an external effects loop.

This pedal transforms basic echoes into lush, spatial textures, elevating your music. The latest software update, Version 2, increases its performance flexibility. It includes advanced routing options and five extra effect types.

Customization is at the heart of the DD-500. With deep editing controls and an easy-to-use interface. Whether in the studio or on stage, the DD-500 propels your music to new heights.

BOSS Guitar Pedals 500 Series: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the modes of the BOSS MD-500 Modulation?

The BOSS MD-500 is a treasure trove of modulation effects, offering a diverse range of modes. It features 12 distinct modes, each with many algorithms, totaling 28 variations. The MD-500 offers high-quality, dynamic effects in each mode.

Included are all the standard effects like chorus, vibrato, and flanger. The pedal also offers phaser, tremolo, and rotary effects for added versatility. For those seeking more unique sounds, there's the classic vibe and ring modulator.

Each mode in the MD-500 delivers high-quality and dynamic effects. Whether you're crafting classic tones or exploring new soundscapes. This pedal has something for everyone. Its wide range of modes makes it a must-have for any serious guitarist or audio enthusiast.

Does BOSS RV-500 Reverb have a delay?

Yes, the BOSS RV-500 indeed includes a digital delay feature. This addition enhances its versatility as a reverb pedal. The high-powered DSP allows for seamless integration of delay with each reverb patch.

You can use both reverb and delay, expanding your soundscapes. The ability to run two reverb patches at once, along with delay, is a standout feature. This is a comprehensive tool for creating complex and layered audio textures.

For both high-quality reverb and delay, the RV-500 is an excellent choice. Its dual functionality caters to a wide range of musical needs and preferences.

Does BOSS DD-500 Digital Delay have a looper?

Indeed, the BOSS DD-500 comes equipped with a built-in Phrase Looper. This feature adds another layer of functionality to the already versatile delay pedal. 

The looper allows for creative experimentation and layering of sounds. It's particularly useful for live performances and practice sessions. The integration of a looper within a delay pedal like the DD-500 is a significant advantage.

BOSS Guitar Pedals 500 Series: Conclusion

The BOSS guitar pedals 500 series represents the pinnacle of pedal technology. Each pedal in this series offers unparalleled sound quality and versatility. The 500 Series is ideal for both studio recording and live performance.

With advanced features like high-quality DSP, these pedals are a sound engineer's dream. The inclusion of a looper in models like the DD-500 adds immense creative potential. Musicians can explore a vast array of effects, pushing the boundaries of their art.

The 500 Series' intuitive interface makes it accessible to players of all levels. BOSS guitar pedals 500 series stands as a testament. To BOSS's commitment to innovation and quality.