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There are various pedals that can help you achieve a great metal tone. This will hopefully help you to identify which pedals are best for your needs, or maybe give you a few “inspired-pedals” to get you started!
The last decade has brought us some really excellent guitar pedals for beginners to use. Yet, sifting through all the information out there and making a decision about which pedals are actually worth your time can be difficult. Whether you're into metal, blues, or any other style, this article will help you figure out what you actually need.
We don’t really have to tell you much about BOSS, the brand already speaks for itself. You will rarely find a musician that hasn’t heard of or even used one of their pedals. Now that you’ve read through our Buyer’s Guide, we expect that you are now able to make a wise choice in buying your next BOSS guitar pedal.
The X series is the more expensive premium range ofBOSS pedals. BOSS released the first two in the series in 2014. With the tagline: “Special Edition BOSS Pedal with premium tone”. They are both digital and feature an optical circuit. This results in a slightly warmer color to the sound. This can be found in pedals costing four times as much indicating its use across the whole range appeals to existing customers as well as newcomers. BOSS uses quality components throughout and machines for reissues of classic pedals. It increases reliability and longevity.
The history of the BOSS company and its products spans more than thirty years, during which time it has carved a large niche into the arena of music production. A large part of its ongoing success is due to its dedication to customer support and continuous innovation.
BOSS Waza Craft Series offers unprecedented sound quality combined with old-school analog circuits, streamlined layouts, and meticulous craftsmanship to give you inspiring tone, touch response, and reliability.
BOSS is a brand of musical instrument effects pedals. BOSS also makes amplifiers, audio processors, and guitar effects including utility, tuners, and loop station guitar pedals. This pedal is made to perform a variety of commands and tasks. They are also quite thin and lightweight which makes them quite portable.
BOSS continues to push the boundaries of guitar effects with their 500 series pedals. Each pedal brings powerful tone and outstanding performance.
BOSS compact multi-effects pedals deliver studio-quality sound and can be used by everyone from beginners to professional musicians. Designed for guitar, bass and other instruments.
Are you looking for pedals for your acoustic guitar? Consider BOSS guitar pedal! These pedals come with a variety of designs, and they all work great on acoustic guitars. Also, get the chance to enjoy the acoustic sounds using your electric guitar with BOSS guitar pedal!
BOSS's bass stompboxes are designed to help you get that signature sound you've been searching for. The variety of bass effects can address the needs of every player and will help you get the most out of your instrument!
Synth pedals are a huge part of music today. Uncover how to make your bass sound like those famous musicians. Get liquid-sounding drum loops and add a modern sheen of insanity to your guitar solos!