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BOSS Guitar Pedal Overview: 200 Series

For the casual player, stompboxes are another way of enhancing guitar sounds. Guitar players have a wide assortment of options in the world of guitar effects. Whether you're looking for compressiongainoverdrive, or delay, there's going to be a stompbox available for you.

Stompboxes will not change your guitar's natural sound. Rather, they allow the guitarist to enhance the instrument's sound. Through the help of effects such as delay and reverb. The term "stompbox" means that the device is placed on top of (or "stomped on") a regular foot pedal. This is as opposed to mounting in or on the instrument itself.

The BOSSguitar pedal have been an industry standard for years. BOSS designed these pedals for bass guitar. But later, guitarists began adopting them and modifying them for their own purposes.

a guitarist wearing leather shoes is stomping his feet to a boss effects pedal

What is BOSS 200 Series?

The BOSS 200 series is the most intuitive and versatile pedal in the BOSS catalog. The 200 series delivers the ability to step up and shape your tone like never before. It has a unique streamlined interface with intuitive controls. It gives you access to every sound from BOSS's history.

Multi-Effects Pedal

The introduction of the BOSS 200 series pedals has brought the multi-effects pedal to a new level. The coveted tone that was differentiated by what amp you played through is now available in a small pedal on your floor. BOSS created plenty of multi-effects pedals for simple distortion or only for wah and flanger sounds. The tones from a BOSS multi-effects pedal cover all bases. Giving it the potential to be one of the most important effects pedals in your arsenal.

Let’s hear about the DD-200 Digital Delay as BOSS customized its effects. 

Why Should You Have The BOSS 200 Series?

The 200 series offer a unique streamlined interface with intuitive controls. It gives you access to every sound from BOSS's history. The benefits don't end there either. These pedals are the most flexible. Yet, allowing you to switch between two completely different amps with only one pedal. 

And they're so much more affordable than other solutions on the market. There's no reason to not get the BOSS 200 pedal if you want more control and flexibility.


The pedals are very flexible and allow for extensive signal control. It comes with high-quality knobs and switches. While also providing smooth transitions between sounds via the CV and expression input jacks. You can choose from a large array of guitars and amps which opens up a whole new world of tones. It doesn't stop there as what goes into making your tone also matters greatly. 

You can use the input and output knob to integrate some effects into your signal chain. BOSS does not provide their pedals but provides all their amps. This is a great benefit for those who want to fine-tune their sound to the highest degree.


Convenience is the name of the game with the BOSS pedals in the 200 Series family. They make extensive use of two footswitches to offer a host of functions that range from simple to complex. With nothing more than a quick tap or stomp of your foot.

But what if there was a way to incorporate the convenient, space-saving features of a single pedal into a dual-pedal design? BOSS took this idea and ran with it. While they made their own dual pedal that would be perfect for anyone looking to save some space on their pedal board. They also made it as easy to use as possible. Yet, still has a set of options and effects that truly makes it something special.


Beyond the BOSS 200 Series’ aesthetics, this series of pedals have features that won’t disappoint. The DD-200 and MD-200 both have a true bypass switch, so you know that when the effect is off, it’s really off. The OD-200 offers a three-way toggle to control how much of your original sound comes through in bypass mode. While the DD-200 and MD-200 offer the same three options plus an additional fourth setting. It is the ability to mix your original tone with the processed one. 

All three pedals can run on either a 9V battery or a BOSS adapter (not included). Although each one includes an AC adapter. The biggest difference between them is the mono/stereo configuration. The BOSS 200 series features high-quality Pure Analog circuit designs. But, the DD-200 offers true stereo output (so your delay effects pan from one side to another). The OD-200 and MD-200 are both monophonic (so your delays stay in place).


The BOSS has designed the 200 Series to be as versatile as possible. You don't have to buy many separate units. Each pedal comes with a dozen different modes. It gives you countless sounds to experiment with; this is particularly useful for live settings. Management also added a noise gate and a boost which further improves its usability as a live effect unit.

The BOSS 200 Series Pedals are the best pedals that you might ever play. The series consists of three great overdrive pedals. The OD-3, the OD-5, and the OD-200, each of which sports twelve modes to choose from. The OD-200 Hybrid Drive is unique in that it features both analog and digital clipping circuits, hence the “Hybrid” in its name. The OD-200 features both a main distortion circuit and an additional Boost circuit. You can use these in series or parallel, enhancing the sounds available. There’s a very flexible noise gate as well, with adjustable Decay and Threshold settings.

Input and Output Ports

The BOSS series of pedalboards add connectivity to your pedalboard that you never thought possible. Today's recording technology allows guitarists to use something like a looper pedal. And sync it via MIDI with your recording software. This also can allow you to record different loops in different parts of the song.


The BOSS 200 Series features a total of 13 pedals. It provides the guitarist with the perfect package for practical tone shaping. Each pedal will preserve your original tone. Yet, unleash bottomless bass and extreme gain. There is also an array of modes to choose from, so you can shape your sound precisely how you want it.

You may have already seen the BOSS OD-200 before since it is a popular alternative to the far more expensive Klon Centaur and other boutique overdrive pedals. This pedal is a must-have if you are looking for a great distortion effect. It will add many flavors to your sound palette with very little effort on your part. With twelve distinct modes, you get an overdrive that can cover most bases.

BOSS 200 Series Stompboxes

Top BOSS 200 Series Stompboxes: DD-200 Digital Delay

product image of DD-200 Digital Delay

Introducing the DD-200 Digital Delay, a streamlined delay pedal from BOSS. It features 12 different modes and advanced functions. This delay pedal is perfect for performers and any other musician who’s looking to add some rich textures to their music. There's also a very capable looper and the carryover function makes it easy to assemble longer delay phrases. 

This is a compact and versatile pedal. BOSS designed this pedal to deliver powerful delay and reverb effects. You can use them on stage or in the studio. The DD-200 lets you add up to three seconds of delay time. It also features a lush, high-quality sound that handles singing leads or rhythmic patterns with ease. You can also dial in different delay types. Then select one of the ten largest delays. Or, get down to work with the DD-200's powerful Noise Reduction feature.

This delay offers some new and innovative ways to manipulate your sound in a looper mode. It has all the quality and power that you know and loves with digital delay, but with a few extra bonuses to really make it stand out from the crowd. A lot of today's artists are into looper pedals and the DD-200 allows you to create your own loops on the fly. This combines perfectly with the smooth digital delay effects which will give your tone depth and richness perfect for any genre.

BOSS 200 Series Stompboxes: Conclusion

Stompboxes are renowned for their quality and versatility. BOSS is a synonym for sophistication in the guitar industry. But, which of the many pedals by BOSS do you choose? This can be a challenge. Especially since we wanted to always have the same pedal with different sounds. 

With the new BOSS 200 series that's exactly what they will be giving us. Different versions of their most classic pedals with world-class sound quality. Sophisticated yet simple dial-in controls, and streamlined format. You'll be able to select and swap from a large number of presets via the intuitive controls and see exactly what you're doing at any given time.

The all-new 200 Series Guitar Multi-Effects Pedals. Boasting high-quality sound processing with 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating point processing capability, and 96kHz sampling rate. The new BOSS multi-effects pedals produce studio-grade sounds that musicians have never dreamt possible from compact effects pedals. 

The compact design of the new multi-effects pedals gives musicians an easy way to achieve premium sound quality. Enjoy playing at a moment's notice anywhere and everywhere.

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