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BOSS Guitar Pedal Overview: Waza Craft

BOSS is one of the biggest guitar pedal companies in the world. But, they’re also committed to refining and improving their design.

Then, BOSS is at it again. Waza Craft is the highest quality range of pedals they've ever produced. The new Waza Craft line offers all the goodies you've come to expect in a boutique pedal. Like the finest components and highest build quality. This is with BOSS' legendary reliability and tone.

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What are BOSS Waza Craft Guitar Pedals?

BOSS was the first to bring guitar effects to the world. Their pedals are some of the most popular available. Yet, something different is happening with BOSS. Particularly with their latest line of guitar pedals. BOSS Waza Craft outperforms your expectations in every way. In ways you didn't even know was possible.

Pedals come in many shapes and sizes. BOSS is a leader in this field and has many popular pedals that are well-known to musicians across the globe. The Waza Craft line comprises reimagined versions of some of their most popular models. BOSS revamped all these pedals with premium hardware. They're designed with specs that enhance the traditional sound of these classics. So, let’s dive in and look at the Waza Craft pedals from BOSS and what separates them from the competition.

What Does BOSS Mean By “WAZA”?

Waza craft line. Those three letters make a lot of people in the guitar world excited. Especially since they are read, BOSS. You see, Waza Craft is the new range from BOSS where they release reissues of their classics with a twist. These “hot-rodded” versions have the same compositions as their original versions but feature high-quality audio components and present custom variations. From the blues driver to the metal zone to the classic Vibrato and chorus, they all have their Waza version, and let me tell you, they sound great!

Waza, as in waza-gashira. If you're confused by what I just said, don't worry, because some of us are too. Waza is Japanese for “art” and “technique”, which has been the primary focus of Waza's product line. Their original pedal line was dubbed "Waza Craft", and they continued to make pedals with high-quality parts and craftsmanship.

When Was WAZA Craft Released?

In 2014 BOSS released a few models of guitar pedals that were made to bring the original pedals from the 80s and early 90’s into the new decade. The idea behind BOSS Waza pedals is to squeeze as much tone out of the original designs. But with superior quality.

What Makes Waza Craft Standout?

BOSS built Waza Craft pedals in Japan. Let me say that again: the Japanese build them, and they’re good at it too. They are top-quality effects pedals, whether they take the form of an overdrive pedal or a delay pedal. That’s because they’re hand-made by skilled engineers using high-quality components. They're crafted with care, in a country that’s known for its expert craftsmanship.

Waza Craft is some of the most sought-after guitars pedals around. A key component is a custom switch that allows the pedal to do more than deliver the original sound. That’s one of the true attractions of this Japanese brand. As they continuously release innovative iterations of classic effects and sounds.

Why Should You Have BOSS Waza Craft Series

Unless you’re a whole lot into effects pedals, you might haven’t heard of them yet. As mentioned earlier, the Waza Craft series is made in Japan, not Taiwan. They come with a dedicated Custom mode. Also, with higher-grade components that help reduce noise and interference. A cool twist on an old classic. 

Here’s what to expect: an improvement in sound quality. This can be anything from a clearer and more defined tone that is easy on the ears, to a more lush and fuller distortion. Depending on the pedal, you can also expect better durability. These pedals are much sturdier and tighter than your regular effects units. Also, you can even find real-time USB updates for some of them that keep your device up to date with the latest software patches. 

As far as connectivity goes, there are many Waza guitar pedals that allow you to use both 1/4″ mono jacks and balanced XLR connectors at the same time. This feature is not commonly seen on standard effects but one that quickly became standard on the premium BOSS line-up. And finally, if you decide to make any changes or modifications to these pedals yourself – unlike other BOSS FX units where such tinkering will easily void your product warranty – you’re free to modify these Waza pedals even after purchase. Or, feel free to explore all their possibilities by plugging in their MIDI sockets.

BOSS FX vs. BOSS Waza Craft Guitar Pedals: Which Are Better?

Each pedal comes with its own character and is designed to appeal to different types of musicians in search of a specific tone. While there are other big-name guitar pedal brands like BOSS and Line 6 (and many more), BOSS FX and BOSS Waza Craft are quickly making their way up the ranks in terms of popularity within the guitar community.

Anyone who's done research on BOSS guitar effects pedals knows that BOSS FX and Waza Craft are the two most popular series. In essence, both are comparable in quality; yet features and presentation differ, which can affect what type of tone a musician is looking for. While BOSS FX is designed for those just getting into guitar effects (and at a lower price point), Waza Craft is aimed at experienced users who want a reliable, high-end product.  

Basically, all BOSS pedals come with a variety of standard tones (delays, choruses, flangers, etcetera). Plus, the ability to create your own variations via the ‘modify’ and ‘deep modify’ modes. If those tones don’t suit your needs, you can always ‘modify’ the tone to suit what you want more. There are literally hundreds of ways you can adjust tone and decay on BOSS pedals. And if that’s not enough for you, you can always modify (and even deep modify) the actual circuitry to access more tone adjustment features.

BOSS Waza Craft Guitar Pedals

Top BOSS Waza Craft Guitar Pedals:TU-3W Chromatic Tuner

product image of BOSS TU-3W Chromatic Tuner

Since the beginning, the engineers at BOSS have been committed to achieving optimum guitar tone using any technology necessary through its Waza Craft series. This commitment makes the Japanese-made TU-3W tuner a standout accessory compatible in aesthetic and design with the other chromatic tuner guitar pedals.

The new TU-3W Tuner reflects that heritage, offering quality, reliability, and pedal convenience in an affordable, compact stompbox. This is an upgraded version of the classic TU-3 that features old-school analog tuning with a modern twist. The smooth, flat surface offers a comfortable playing feel. While lightweight die-cast construction ensures mobility. The pedals have a chain-driven mechanical meter movement for accuracy and stability. They are powered by either a 9V battery or an optional DC power supply (both are available separately). And to provide optimal tuning accuracy, the TU-3W provides reference notes for A4 (469 Hz) and A440 (440 Hz).

This acoustic guitar pedal features a convenient auto power switch. You can stay focused on your performance rather than the technology in front of you. A must-have if you want to make sure you sound great at all times!

BOSS Waza Craft Guitar Pedals: Conclusion

When it comes to quality, we know you expect and deserve nothing less than the finest instruments available. The new Waza Craft series is made in Japan. It embodies that same spirit of craftsmanship that has allowed BOSS to be the industry leader for more than 30 years. They're still holding true to our original philosophy: “To create new sounds and bring smiles to faces around the globe”.

Not too long ago, if you wanted the warm touch of tube amps, the tone of boutique effects pedals, or the versatility of digital effects, you'd have to buy three separate units. But today there's a new way to achieve world-class guitar tone: BOSS Waza Craft. The new series of all-analog multi-effects pedals combine three individual pedals into one convenient package. It will give you ultimate flexibility at an incredible price.

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