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BOSS DB-30 vs. DB-90: Which Metronome You Should Buy?

BOSS DB-30 vs. DB-90: Which Metronome You Should Buy?

If you’re looking for the best electronic metronome in the market, then you’re in the right place! Enhance your playing skills with this powerful metronome from Dr. Beat by BOSS. 

Musicians used this during their practice and live performances. They are handy, so small that they can fit in your pockets. Despite their size, these metronomes are capable of doing big things!

comparing the BOSS DB-30 and DB-90

Dr. Beat varieties—DB-30 and DB-90 assist musicians in playing complicated pieces. It helps them in keeping their sense of tempo and rhythm while playing. For starters, this is a great tool if you want to improve your timing in a fun way.

There are a lot of metronomes available in the market, but let us introduce to you the best of them all. Enjoy the countless purposes of these single devices on the go!

What is Dr. Beat by BOSS?

The BOSS DB-30 and DB-90 are electronic metronomes. They enable musicians to elevate their music with the help of this compact device. 

These Dr. Beat varieties by BOSS are more portable and easy to carry around a metronome. These are perfect for knocking out jam sessions on a crowded stage or getting some tasty tones at home.

It also offers a few features that are not available with most other digital metronomes out there.

BOSS has a long history of manufacturing compact, classic, and electronic music equipment. The functionality and sound they provide make them stand out in the industry.

They’re in their 49 years of providing excellent products to every musician out there. 

Let us walk you through the top-selling Dr. Beat by BOSS.

What is BOSS DB-30?

Are you aiming for a high-quality, compact metronome or a new way to practice your instrument? Then, the BOSS DB-30 should suit your needs. It has loads of features at a reasonable price. Making it an excellent addition to any musician's tool kit.

This is perfect if you'd like to enter the world of odd-time signatures. And even learning new rhythms! 

Dare yourself with this BOSS DB-30 and spice up your practice sessions with new varieties. You may count on this handheld metronome which will serve you very well.

Dr. Beat by BOSS DB-90


  • Portable Size

One of the good things about this BOSS DB-30, it is as big as your mobile phone—or even smaller! You can place them in your pocket during practice. Also, feel free to attach them to your belt during live performances.

Like other metronomes, BOSS DB-30 uses a plastic material to ensure compactability. But, it feels very durable and can last throughout your whole career!


90mm x 61mm x 20mm



  • 24 Beats Variations and 9 Rhythms

You can choose from 24 complex beat variations and 9 rhythms available from the BOSS DB-30. These wide selections will allow you to create different rhythm patterns. It can help you check your feeling tone during practice.

  • Adjustable Tempo 

With BOSS DB-30, you may set the tempo to 30 beats per minute up to 250 bps. 

This compact metronome is easy to use. In one click, you can adjust the tempo to your desired bps. There is a separate button for decreasing and increasing tempo for faster use. 

  • 12 Chromatic Reference Tone

The 12-tone system in music is also available at BOSS DB-30. You may select your preferred pitches by clicking on the button provided. Lower your practice and composition time with the all-in DB-30

  • Tap Button and Mute Function

The BOSS designed DB-30 to provide convenience to its users. There is an added tap button at the side of the metronome. You may adjust the beat according to your preference without compromising your performance. 

Also, if you prefer to play without any sounds for a minute, you may turn on the mute function of BOSS DB-30

  • Volume Control and Headphone Jack

While playing with the 24 beats and rhythm variations, you may also control the volume it omits. Also, to avoid disturbing others, the DB-30 comes with a headphone Jack that you can use!

This allows you to focus on playing and have your own world without disturbing the people near you.

  • Wide LCD 

Despite being handy, the LCD of BOSS DB-30 is big enough for easier viewing. It also comes with two LED visuals for tempo aid.

  • Auto Power-off

BOSS DB-30 is battery-operated. You may use the CR 2032 lithium battery as a replacement. 

Don’t worry, this metronome has auto power-off functions which turn off on its own after 1 hr of inactivity.

What is BOSS DB-90?

The BOSS DB-90 is a renowned metronome that lets you create impressive beats with your hands. It’s simple to use, easy to learn, and includes dozens of tones, rhythms, and patterns. 

It can help you create impressive beats during practice or in your compositions. You can access the types of sounds you're looking for via the button controls. 

The unit makes it possible for you to record external sounds as well. Whether you're working on a recording project or performing live, the BOSS DB-90 has got what you need.

It’s easy to record sounds, learn new beats in a heartbeat and add notes by manipulating the buttons. The DB-90 is sure to please every musician's creative or performance needs!

Dr. Beat by BOSS DB-90


  • Medium-Sized Metronome

Compared to DB-30, this Dr. Beat by BOSS DB-90 is bigger and heavier. Given its loads of functions and services, the weight and size are understandable. 

Don’t worry, you may still hold this metronome using a single hand or pack it into your backpack! It is about as heavy as a soccer ball.


164 mm x 122mm x 38mm



  • Variety of Beat, Rhythms, and Patterns.

The BOSS DB-90 metronome is a helpful tool that musicians can use to improve their skills in timing. It allows them to create their own custom patterns by the variety of beats and rhythms available. 

But, there’s more! What makes DB-90 unique is the counting sound of a human voice. This will refrain you from getting lost during practice or even live performances. 

  • Adjustable Tempo

The beats on the DB-90 are high. In fact, it goes from 30 to 180 bpm! The beat range on the DB-90 is far more extensive than that on a traditional metronome. 

This can be helpful when working with beginners. Those who do not know how to read a traditional metronome that goes from 40 to 200 bpm.

The beat range can also be helpful for professional musicians! If they're practicing something very specific and fast-paced—this means that you can experiment with different tempos and dynamics.

  • Note Mixing 

The note-mixing function allows you to create a variety of beats. By adjusting the levels of 5 different note values, you can create any kind of groove you can imagine. These are the sliding adjustments you can find below the LCD. 

The sliders are for accent, quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note, and triplet. Also, they used a sliding button for the volume as well.

This gives you complete control over the timing, pitch, and feel of your music. Making it easier than ever to mix up tight beats on your own.

  • Reference Tone and Memory

This DB-90 creates perfect tempo with the reference tone which makes it easy to verify tuning by ear. Get familiarized with what it sounds like when you play the right note at the right time on your instrument. Punch in a note and the DB-90 will play it back for you!

Also, the BOSS DB-90 helps you play along to beats you recorded earlier. This device allows you to compose your own beats, record them and listen back to them while playing along.

It's a great tool to practice improvisation, composition, and more with your basses. Yet, you must take note that you can only record up to 50 memories only.

  • Rhythm Coach

Expand your musical horizons and improve your rhythm sensitivity with DB-90!

This unique feature gives you four training modes, and it comes equipped with an onboard mic. You can use this onboard microphone by plugging in an optional Roland V-Pad. Then, you're ready to play along on one of the four different training modes!

  • Controls

The BOSS DB-90 has all the buttons you need! The BOSS designed DB-90 with a large and intuitive control surface. To start and stop metronomes, the write and memory function, tune, beat or style buttons, and more.

Another interesting button is the tap function. If a member is snapping a tempo that they want, we can tap this button instead of the usual tapping with fingers.

Plus, it includes control parameter sliders, a roller dab, and buttons. This allows you to tweak parameters in real-time without losing your focus and drive.

  • Connectors

The main idea of the BOSS DB-90 is a lot of nifty inputs and outputs connected in one compact unit. With it, you can connect your instrument’s inputs and other tools. A must-have for musicians who want to learn and develop their playing.

More functions include Input, Trigger In, as well as a headphone jack. This lets you track your playing without disturbing others around you.

If you're a guitar owner, you may connect your instrument straight to DB-90!

  • LCD Display

Like the BOSS DB-30, this DB-90 is much larger than the original model while still easy to carry around. 

The LCD screen is big enough to see, but not too big so it doesn't end up on the side of your head. It comes with two LED visuals, one for tempo aid and another that lets you know when the beats are on or off.

  • Auto Power-Off

The DB-90 has an auto-shutdown feature after 60 minutes of inactivity. This means that you can leave the metronome overnight. It will refrain from draining your battery when you are sleeping or away. 

This is also a battery-operated metronome. You may use a DC-9V dry battery for replacements.

BOSS DB-30 vs. DB-90: What Are The Similarities?

Now that you’ve learned about the features of the BOSS DB-30 and DB-90, let’s now talk about their similarities.

Same functionality: Reference Tone, Tap Tempo, Headphone Jacks, and Auto-Power Off Function.

If you’ll notice, the BOSS DB-30 and DB-90 share some similarities when it comes to their functionality. But, despite this, there are still differences when it comes to their own capabilities. 

BOSS DB-30 and DB-90 have a Reference Tone function. There is a designated button for these tones which produces the reference pitch of A4=438 Hz-445 Hz (1 Hz steps). They also have the same reference tone range which is C4 to B4.

Aside from the Reference Tone function, a BOSS’ metronome won’t be complete without a Tap Tempo. You may enjoy these functions on both DB-30 and DB-90. This serves as a guide to musicians to find the right pulse.

These metronomes are headphone friendly! BOSS designed these metronomes with headphone jacks for more enjoyable benefits.

Yet, DB-30 only welcomes headphones with a stereo miniature phone type jack. While DB-90 enables both stereo miniature and ¼” phone type jack.

These metronomes are battery-operated and they have an auto power-off function. Both of these metronomes shut down after an hour of inactivity. This feature helps to conserve energy and save on battery life.

BOSS DB-30 vs. DB-90: What Are The Differences?

As a musician, you want a metronome that meets your needs. What’s the difference between the BOSS DB-30 and DB-90?

Product Classification: Size and Price

The first thing you’ll notice when you try to compare the BOSS DB-30 and DB-90 is their size difference.

The Dr. Beat DB-90 is twice the size of the DB-30. When it comes to weight, there is no argument that the DB-90 is almost 6x heavier than the DB-30

To better compare the two, the DB-90 is as heavy as a football while DB-30 is as heavy as an egg or 2 phone cases. 

For the price, expect that the price of BOSS DB-90 is much higher than DB-30

Rhythm Coach, Counting Human Voice, Note Mixing, and Built-in Drum Patterns. 

What are the differences between BOSS DB-30 and DB-90 as the leading metronomes? 

First, let's look at the basics. The DB-30 and DB-90 are accurate and powerful multi-function metronomes. They come in handy for practicing or playing along with. 

It offers you the most basic functions such as time signatures of 4/4, 3/4, 6/8, 9/8 and so on depending on your need. The difference between the two is the upgraded features. 

The Dr. Beat DB-90 is an upgraded version of the DB-30. If you’re curious about the DB-60, BOSS stopped its production a long time ago and focuses on these two.

The Dr. Beat DB-90 is a great tool for any musician because of how useful the Rhythm Coach feature is. It provides time check, quiet count, and even the step or gradual up and down. Note Mixing function allows you to create a variety of beats in a snap. 

The DB-90 is now equipped with a human voice counting sound. This will help you keep track of your place in the bar, which helps you take your music playing to a whole new level.

Also, it has realistic PCM drum patterns that provide a realistic drumming experience.

Memory, Controls, and Connectors

When it comes to memory, DB-90 and DB-30 differ. The DB-90 could allow you to hold at least 50 memories. But, the DB-30 only saves your custom settings after shutting down. 

As for the controls, both are simple to use but the DB-30 is more on buttons. With the added features of DB-90, it is understandable that BOSS uses a roller dab and sliders. The focus is to provide vast functionality and accessibility. 

The DB-90 comes with 8 connectors such as the instrument inputs (MIDI In, DC In, Memory, Start/Stop, 2 Headphones). Plus, other handy tools (Input, Trigger In) make learning fun and effective. 

BOSS DB-30 vs. DB-90 Final Verdict: Which Metronome You Should Buy?

a guitarist performing live on stage

Anyone who's music inclined must know the manufacturer, BOSS. They produced top-notch products and accessories for musicians. And this includes the Dr. Beat DB-30 and DB-90

In fact, it's the only brand that stands out in the music industry. They gained a lot of popularity with their unique products. Those are both high quality and affordable. 

We have discussed the similarities and differences between BOSS DB-30 vs DB-90. These two metronomes are magical in their own ways. 

Both metronomes are great. 

If you are looking for a metronome for live performances or use it for your recording studio, it's better to go for the DB-90.

It seems that the DB-90 is the best choice for someone who wants a powerful, versatile metronome. But it depends on how well you’re going to use the many features of this product. 

If you want more flavors and options, then BOSS DB-90 will better suit you. 

However, if you are only interested in a simpler metronome, DB-30 is certainly a wiser choice. Its function is enough to enhance your playing skills. 

Chances that you enjoy jamming or practicing alone, the DB-30 will help keep you company. Plus, if you are confused about what to get between the two, consider getting the DB-30 first.