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KORG CM-300-BK Best Contact Microphone Clip-type Mic for Stable Attachment to a Variety of Instruments with High-precision Tuning


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Enables the utmost tuning accuracy.
The CM-300 clip-type contact mic for tuners directly captures the sound of your instrument

The CM-300 is a clip-type contact microphone that attaches directly to your instrument. It uses a piezo element that sends the vibrations of your instrument directly to your tuner. Even when you're in an environment with high ambient sound, such as a large ensemble, this mic allows high-precision tuning.
The shape of the cable's strain relief where it joins the unit has been modified for increased durability in comparison to the previous model and sound transmission performance has been further improved.

Redesigned cable that's even more durable and resistant to stress
The cable provides highly efficient sound transmission, and the sheath has been improved for softness so that it can now curve flexibly. At the junction where the cable joins the clip, the strain-relief slits have been redesigned to reduce stress on the wire, making it more durable and long-lasting.

Clip section that allows stable attachment to a variety of instruments
The clip opens to a maximum width of 30 mm. The rubber inside the clip is shaped in a way that allows attachment to any type of instrument. It can be attached lightly but firmly to a variety of instruments, including to the bell of a brass instrument, the bridge of a violin, or the head of a guitar or ukulele.

Available in three attractive color variants
The lineup consists of three models: black, white/black, and black/red. Choose the color that matches the tuner unit you're using!


  • Plug: 6.3 mm monaural phone Plug
  • Color Variations: Black (CM-300-BK), White/Black (CM-300-WHBK), Black/Red (CM-300-BKRD)

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Size & Weight

  • Maximum width of clip: 30 mm / 1.2"Cable1.5 m / 5'
  • Weight: 35 g / 1.23 oz.

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