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BOSS Guitar Pedals: X Series

BOSS Guitar Pedals: X Series

24 years after BOSS released the ODB-3 Bass Overdrive pedal, BOSS released the X Series. Five in the current range for guitar and Bass: OD-1XDS-1XCP-1XBB-1X, and BC-1X.

X Series is a new addition to the BOSS pedal family, most famous for the BOSS DS-1 and SD-1 Overdrive series. The X series embodies the BOSS tradition of pro guitar processing pedals. It comes with premium sound, performance and build quality.

The X series is the more expensive premium range of BOSS pedals. BOSS released the first two in the series in 2014. With the tagline: “Special Edition BOSS Pedal with premium tone”. They are both digital and feature an optical circuit. This results in a warmer color to the sound. This feature appeals to both existing and new customers across the entire range. BOSS uses quality components throughout and machines for reissues of classic pedals. It increases reliability and longevity.

The Story Behind the X Series

The X Series at BOSS Corporation emerged from uncertainty and innovation. This journey started in 2013, inspired by Yoshi Ikegami, BOSS's then-president. His trip from Germany to Japan wasn't routine; it sparked a significant change. 

In Europe, Yoshi discussed the market with Matt, a BOSS fan and European product manager. Matt felt BOSS's marketing and technology needed to catch up, despite great design. His critique spurred Yoshi to innovate, leading to the X Series' birth.

The X Series was BOSS's answer to the call for evolution, combining design and technology. It was a statement of commitment to innovation. Yoshi saw an opportunity to meld tradition with cutting-edge technology. The series responded to the need for BOSS to evolve. Showcasing their dedication to progress.

The X Series stands as a testament to the importance of feedback and consumer connection. It represents BOSS's dedication to growth, creativity, and excellence. This series is a beacon of progress, born from a simple yet impactful conversation. It highlights the potential of collaboration toward innovation.

How does the X Series Start?

The X Series began at a BOSS Summit, aiming to shape the company's future. Yoshi shared his vision for significant change, seeking faster progress with employee input. His idea was to revive the OD-1 and DS-1 pedals, blending BOSS's history with innovation. Yoshi emphasized maintaining a legacy while pursuing new advancements to stay competitive.

In 2014, BOSS launched the X Series with "Premium tones special edition BOSS Pedals" as its slogan. This series introduced the OD-1X Overdrive and DS-1X Distortion. It is an update of the 1980s classics. Both featured a simple setup: Level, Tone, and Drive, enhanced with modern technology. 

The launch marked BOSS's commitment to merging tradition with innovation. The X Series marked a commitment to combining tradition with innovation. It showcased BOSS's ability to honor its past while pushing effect pedal boundaries. Yoshi's vision materialized, keeping BOSS at the forefront of the industry. The series is a testament to BOSS's ongoing standard for quality and innovation.

What’s New with the X Series?

The X Series embodies BOSS's vision for the future. They merge legacy with modern technology. Crafted to enhance gaming immersion and realism. The X Series caters to both standard and next-gen gamers. Geared for the new generation, it features a fresh design and boosted performance.

Unlike other pedal manufacturers, the X Series doesn't replicate analog effects. Instead, it expands the potential of BOSS's products. These digital guitar pedals represent a significant leap forward. They offer innovative features and capabilities.

The X Series stands out for its unique approach to sound processing. It's designed to meet the demands of today's musicians. Seeking both authenticity and cutting-edge technology.

Digital Guitar Pedal

The X Series are the most advanced stompboxes to come along in a long time. They offer good value for money. It has solid build quality and you can see them in the rigs of many professionals worldwide. 

Analog effects are still used by some musicians today. But almost every guitar player uses digital effects pedals. What's new with the X Series? Well, it combines the reliability of an analog pedal with the flexibility of a digital one. Turning it into a hybrid of the two. It is capable of producing many delays including analog delays, tape, and spring. As well as pristine digital delays that emulate tape and analog delay units. You can select effects by powering up or down within the device.  This allows you to save a lot of time compared to patch cables.

If you want to buy or sell your pedal – whether it be a distortion, delay, or modulator. You need to know the difference between analog and digital pedals.

An analog pedal is, as the name suggests, an electrical circuit. It models the way signals transfer in an analog system. This means that it has a continuous range, with no digital breaks or jumps, even when at its highest settings. It varies the modulated signal over time like an analog signal would. A good example of this would be the setting on a guitar string when plucked. Plucking a string increases the force applied until it snaps, releasing the signal. 

Digital effects pedals use various methods to imitate aspects of analog signal processing. These involve modeling analog component values, discrete DSP designs, and programmable logic devices. It depends on the accuracy and stability required by the design.

Analog pedals sound different because the signal is continuous. It is an excellent way for guitarists to craft unique tones. The sound of a well-produced digital signal is more precise than an analog one. Although often, a digital device cannot produce a similar range of sounds to an analog pedal.

What is MDP?

MDP, or Multi-Dimensional Processing, signifies BOSS's leap in guitar effects technology. This innovative approach marries electronics with the nuanced dynamics of human expression. MDP is not about modulation effects. It represents a fusion of over four decades of BOSS's research and development. The pedal harnesses the power of the most advanced technologies available. Including synthesizers, sound modeling, guitar amps, and rhythm machines.

MDP aims to inspire guitarists across all genres, skill levels, and musical aspirations. MDP enables a level of creative expression unseen in guitar pedals. It makes your guitar sound exactly how you've always felt it should, but couldn't express. The guitar feels more like an extension of your thoughts. "Speaking your language" with unprecedented clarity.

BOSS's commitment to innovation is evident in MDP. It showcases their commitment to offering guitarists innovative tools that redefine musical possibilities. With MDP, BOSS offers a unique pedal workstation that feels intuitive and natural. This tech secures BOSS as a pioneer, exploring new sonic frontiers.

MDP stands out by integrating advanced electronics with the guitarist's touch and feel. It's designed to make every note and chord resonate with authenticity and emotion. BOSS's MDP transforms the guitar into a more expressive instrument. It is capable of conveying the subtleties of human emotion. This breakthrough has cemented BOSS's status as a leader in guitar effects. Maintaining its relevance and appeal across generations of musicians.

How Does MDP Work?

MDP stands for Multi-Dimensional Processing. MDP stems from BOSS's 30+ years in amp and effects modeling research. This experience has forged a technology that enhances the sound guitarist's love. MDP isn't about advanced technology; it includes high-resolution amp and speaker cabinet models. The system also offers a vast library of presets, crafted by top guitarists.

This technology serves musicians at every skill level, enriching their musical journey. MDP operates on an FPGA platform, emulating the entire guitar signal chain. From the guitar pickup to the preamp, amp tone, and characteristics, MDP covers it all. Despite its complexity, MDP offers straightforward stompbox controls for easy sound exploration.

This approach ensures that MDP is an indispensable tool for guitarists. They provide depth and authenticity to their sound. Through MDP, BOSS continues to lead in offering innovative solutions. They push the boundaries of music technology.

Circuit board / Programming

Circuit boards are the foundation of every electronic device in use today. They come in all shapes and sizes but serve the same purpose. It transfers electrical signals from one place to another.

Yoshi asked the engineers, “Why can't you enjoy your job if you can't enjoy it? How can we provide fun to our customers?” That was a very important philosophical change at the time. BOSS aimed to rethink their approach and deliver fun for customers.

The X Series BOSS guitar pedals feature a distinct circuit board color. Deviating from the usual green. They use circuit board colors depending on the main color of the guitar pedal. For example, they used red PCB for DS-1X and blue PCB for CP-1X

The color changes don’t improve nor affect the performance of the sound. Rather, it shows that BOSS engineers are designing a product with a lot of attention to detail and care. That's very important, according to Yoshi.

BOSS Guitar Pedals: X Series


Top BOSS Guitar Pedals X Series: DS-1X Distortion

The DS-1X stands as a monumental leap in BOSS's distortion pedal evolution. It thrusts the classic BOSS distortion into the future. Offering tones that redefine guitar expression. This pedal is the result of over 35 years of pedal innovation. Advanced technologies power it. The DS-1X promises a tonal experience that only BOSS's expertise can deliver. Setting a new benchmark for distortion pedals.

  • Revolutionary tone - The DS-1X delivers dynamic, clear distortion across the fretboard.
  • MDP technology - Ensures consistent distortion quality, from tight lows to singing highs.
  • Versatile sound shaping - Offers unique Drive, High, and Low controls for personalized tones.

This pedal reimagines distortion, providing clarity and responsiveness unseen in analog counterparts. Thanks to MDP, the DS-1X ensures your distortion sounds great at any neck position. You'll notice tight responses on low strings and rich tones on high notes. Giving an exceptional note definition.

The DS-1X's sound is always articulate, never muddy or boomy, ensuring you cut through the mix. Its smooth presence and ultra-responsive dynamics make it feel "dialed in." This pedal offers a rich playing experience, inspiring and elevating your musical expression.

It features:

  • Next-gen sound with unparalleled clarity and responsiveness.
  • Ideal distortion and dynamic range across all fretboard registers.
  • Advanced sound shaping with Drive, High, and Low controls.
  • Eye-catching design featuring chrome and vintage silver knobs.

The DS-1X, with its innovative design and MDP technology. It provides a distortion experience that's both effortless and inspiring.

BOSS Guitar Pedals X Series: Conclusion

The BOSS Guitar Pedals X Series marks a pivotal moment in pedal technology. This series introduces groundbreaking advancements, blending classic tones with modern innovation. Each pedal showcases BOSS's commitment to quality and musical expression. With features like Multi-Dimensional Processing, the X Series offers unparalleled sound diversity. These pedals provide guitarists with tools to explore new sonic landscapes.

The X Series stands out for its intuitive design and dynamic response. It caters to all playing styles. BOSS's dedication to innovation is evident in its unique sound. Also, the functionality of each pedal.

The X Series embodies BOSS's legacy of crafting exceptional guitar pedals for today's musicians. It sets a new standard for what guitarists can expect from their effects pedals.