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[Pre-Owned] KORG AW-LT100T Clip-On Trumpet and Trombone Tuner - ships from San Diego USA

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[Pre-Owned] In original packaging, slightly worn; product in good condition
Designed for orchestral instruments,
these clip-type tuners feature 100-hour battery life and a color LCD.

KORG's clip-type tuners can be attached directly to your instrument for easy tuning. The new lineup includes the AW-LT100M which supports a variety of orchestral instruments, the AW-LT100T which is optimized for trumpet and trombone, and the AW-LT100V which is designed specifically for violin and viola.

The AW-LT100M / T / V achieves an amazing battery life of approximately 100 hours using a single AAA battery. The body is lightweight, and triangular shuttle switches allow for intuitive operation. In a first for clip-type tuners for orchestral instruments, these tuners feature a color LCD that ensures excellent visibility. Each of the three models in this lineup is equipped with the optimal type of clip and a dedicated tuning mode, giving you the best possible tuning experience for your orchestral instrument.

- Long battery life; a single AAA battery provides 100 hours of operation.
- Even lighter in weight, in spite of using a AAA battery.
- Bright color LCD ensures excellent visibility.
- Switchable between two types of meter speed, fast and slow. (AW-LT100M / T only)
- The AW-LT100M is equipped with a large clip that supports a variety of orchestral instruments.
- The AW-LT100T is equipped with a small clip that's optimized for trumpet and trombone.
- The AW-LT100V is equipped with a dedicated clip and dedicated mode for violin and viola.
- Easy operation with left/right shuttle switches.
- Calibration, auto power-off, and memory backup functions.

Long battery life with 100 hours of continuous operation
Instead of the button cell battery used in many previous clip-type tuners, the AW-LT100M / T / V uses a single AAA battery that's easy to obtain and has a higher capacity. An alkaline battery allows an amazing 100 hours of continuous operation. With a long-life design that's more than 12 times as long as previous models, it delivers extremely high cost-effectiveness. Even if you leave the tuner powered on during your performance, you can continue using it for an extended time without having to replace the battery.

Even more lightweight in spite of using a AAA battery
Even though these tuners use a AAA battery, which is much heavier than a button cell battery, the body of the tuner itself has been made even lighter, providing an additional reduction in weight. With a light weight that matches or beats, earlier models using a button cell battery, you can use these tuners without any sense of unnaturalness, even if they are left attached to your instrument.

Bright color LCD
The VA-type color LCD display provides excellent visibility. With a high-brightness white backlight and a color LCD meter, you'll enjoy high contrast and a wide viewing angle, ensuring that the tuning status is always shown clearly.

Two types of meter speed: fast and slow (AW-LT100M / T only)
In addition to the standard "slow" setting, AW-LT100M / T tuners also let you switch the meter speed to "fast," which responds quickly even when you transition between notes. You can choose the setting that's best for your situation, for example by using "slow" for typical tuning or sustained notes, and selecting "fast" when you want to check your pitch in real-time while you perform.

The AW-LT100T is optimized for trumpet and trombone
The AW-LT100T is equipped with a small clip that's optimized for attachment to the bell of a trumpet, cornet, or trombone. You can easily position the tuner for the best visibility, allowing you to stay aware of your own pitch while you practice.

Shuttle switch for simple operation
The AW-LT100G / B features an easily understandable interface that can be intuitively operated with one hand. A triangular shuttle switch is placed at left and right, and simply by rotating it a click up or down, you can perform all operations smoothly and without stress, from turning the power on/off to switching the display mode or setting the calibration.

Calibration, auto power-off, and memory backup functions
With a calibration function that supports a variety of concert pitches, an auto power-off function, and a memory backup function, these units support your tuning needs in a variety of ways.

- Scale: 12 note equal temperament
- Range (sine wave): A0 (27.50 Hz)─C8 (4186 Hz)
- Precision: ± 1 cent
- Reference Pitch: A4 = 410─480 Hz (1 Hz steps)
- Meter Speed: FAST, SLOW
- Power Supply: AAA battery x 1
- Battery Life: Approximately 100 hours (tuner continuously operating, A4 input, when using alkaline battery)
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 60 mm x 32 mm x 41 mm/2.36" x 1.26" x 1.61"
- Weight: 27 g/0.95 oz. (including battery)
- Included Items: One AAA battery for checking operation

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